Full-Fledged Media
Consultancy in Dubai

With digital transformation sweeping the media and entertainment industry, you need a team of media consultants who would work along your side to help transform your business and identify new sources of growth. At Phi, we are a team of highly curious and motivated people dedicated to highlighting what others don’t see, and then using them to make the best of your marketing and advertising campaigns.

With 400+ happy clients, Phi helps you find new ways to cut costs and increase efficiency.

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Our Media Consultancy Services

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Urban Design
• Team of Designers
• Engineering based
• Environmental Graphics
• Content Development
• 2D / 3D Creative Capability
• Architectural Integration
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Infrastructure planning
• General Contracting
• Field Engineering
• Infrastructure Engineering
• Project Coordination
• Scheduling
• Logistics
• Architectural Integration
• Commissioning & Testing
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GIS/GPS management
• GIS environment study and planning
• IT Advertising management system
• Data collection
• Asset management
• Inventory registration
• 3d Modeling
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Guideline and coding system
• Road Safety
• Position & Siting
• Sidewalk zoning
• Thematic design
• Overlay Zones
• Illumination
• Digital signage
• Sign Content
• Construction and Materials
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DOOH allocation / best technology
• LED Electronics Division
• Specialty Lighting Division
• Best technology to use
• Product Development
• In House installation
• Allocation Of DOOH
• Trained Engineer implementation
• Remote Systems Diagnostics
• 24/7 Technical Service & Support
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Master planning consultancy
• Commercial potentials
• By law research
• International best practice
• Surrounding area
• Full Master plan
• Urban planning and Design
• Commercial and Tender management
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